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    Adding Wake Tower on 2006 Sportster

    I've read some other posts/forums about this and read about some issues with adding aftermarket towers as well as some posts about not being able to add them after buying the boat because SeaDoo does something different as far as reinforcing the hull when ordering a boat w/ the tower. Is this true?

    So what I want is a tower that I can fold down.

    Can you go aftermarket or not? Does the one from SeaDoo fold down?

    What do they cost, and where can you get them? Links please.

    Any info regarding adding a tower THAT FOLDS DOWN would be appreciated.

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    aftermarket options

    Another question I have since I really only want this thing for functionality is, can you just replace the stock ski pylon with and aftermarket tall, wakeboard one with those straps?

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    or what about one of these universal towers:

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    Mine came from the factory and it folds down. I don't know if that's what you needed to know, but the Speedster wake tower that comes from Bombardier does fold down.

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