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    Thumbs up General update, update on the General....

    Well I got a Xclint 94 650 CDI in the mail today, installed it and started the General..... So I have found with my experiance the PRO nor the 780 CDI will work with a fully hooked up 94 650 stator, and eletrical box. Apprantly when my stator took a dump on me it messed up the CDI box. With the pro cdi installed sometimes I would get a faint light on the spark tester, but not enough to fire. The same thing happned with the 780 CDI. Sometimes it would get a faint light and sometimes it would not. If I was a betting man I would say you have to have a digtial stator to run a digtial cdi. And on the flip side a digital stator will work with an analog CDI. IE: backwards capadble (SP?). I am a lot happier now!!!! Thanks to all the people that have helped me on this issue.


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    So you got fire? Great! Sell that 650 stator we traded and look for a 750 to run that PRO CDI. I'm still confused how that 650 worked for BD, but not you.

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