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    Has anyone ever flipped the wedge upside down to help stop porposing?

    Just as the header states. I installed an extended pump and rideplate on my sl750, it porposes bad all of the time now, I have thought about flipping my wedge upside down, has anyone ever tried this??

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    I would remove it before flipping it.
    Or, you could just get an OP long plate.


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    Op longplate? How would a ride plate help?

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    It'd probably drive that thing in the water like a lawn dart.
    Talk with JOE96XP. He might let it go real cheap.

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    Wait wait wait.
    Are you still ruinning the stock short plate with the long pump?

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    Never mind, I re-read the first post.
    Sorry, got my hands full right now.

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    Is ok. Yeah I installed the ride plate from the slx780 also..

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    You could flip it, but if it's porpoising that bad, something is wrong with the setup...period. They can get porpoise happy at speed, but should be stable at the speeds you're running. You're putting a bandaid on the problem by removing the wedge. I used to run a 6* wedge and the stock plate in calm water with good luck.

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    Thats what I am trying to say. I do not want to put a bandaid on it. I am trying to figure out whats wrong. I am aksing for help, I am going now in the daylight and taking some pictures. But I assure you I have the setup installed correctly. I just dont get why I am getting beat to death..

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    My problem is, I am 18 miles from the lake. I am starting to think it is the r&d intake grate. I think it is just overkill for the hull. Here are the pictures hopefully they are better than the ones from 5 am..
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