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    please help ! 06 GPR no power , yamaha cannot resolve

    Guys , i am seeking some help to resolve a problem i have on my 06 GPR with only 72 hours , here is the story so far :

    1.the fault started with an intermittant loss of power in the high rev range
    2.the first cylinder plug was wet and needed to change each weekend i launched
    3. Ski ran normal after plug change for the whole weekend

    gets worse

    1. intermittant power loss at high rev range stayed even after plug change
    2. steadily got worse to the point of bogging down and no pick up over 4 1/2 k rpm
    3. this is still an intermittant problem, if i allow the ski to re-set ( lanyard out and dash clear ) i shall have full pwer again for 5- 10 mins

    the fault mainly comes when performing tight turns or high speed tight turns , does not show up when jumping waves , etc

    yamaha has changed so far :

    1.pick up coil
    2. ECU
    3, temp censor
    4, throttle bodies
    5. cat plate removed
    6. plugs
    7. fuel pump

    has any one on this forum heard of problems like i am facing now

    please help
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    Did you check your reeds?

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    many thanks bill

    i recieved a call yesterday that they may have solved the problem by changing out the fuel pump sensor

    lets see this weekend if fixed , i shall ask them to check the reeds if not

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