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    Angry '96 slx780 - only 5500 rpm's?

    Last weekend was the first time I was able to get the ski on the water since it was repaired last year. It was in the shop due to a bogging issue and after having the cdi replaced, it turned out that the rear exhaust hose was internally collapsed. I only got to test it in 42 degree water for a short time and then prepared it and put it away for the winter.
    First time on the water this year, the ski wants to die when I give it throttle. After a little warm-up and slightly pulling the choke, the rpm's increase and it planes easily. I'm wondering what is causing this. Also, the top speed is only 45 mph and the rpm's are only at a max of 5500 or so. Why would this be?

    r&d intake, sbt replacement engine w/about 25 hrs on it, the rest is stock as far as I know right now.

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    Applying choke to help it out, usually indicates it's lean, but maybe the gas is just bad? Did you use Stabil or a gas preserver for the long winter storage? If not, it's possible the carbs are gummed up too.

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    Yes, it was properly winterized.

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    Are you sure on your RPM's? If it's like 4200 RPM, you may be in limp mode. Is the MFD light flashing? Or is it reading low fuel , low oil or any other message?

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    Also a weak fuel pump or a restricion in the line, also be sure to check the pulse line going to the fuel pump. Applying the choke applys more vaccum to the carbs and fuel delivery system. Be carefull as your engine is more than likely running too LEAN.


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    Yes, rpm's at 5500. I dealt with the whole limp mode thing last year and got that resolved.
    I checked the fuel shut-off at it seems fine. I didn't notice any kinked fuel lines, but I'll check again.
    This ski looks like it is set up with two fuel pumps if that makes any difference.
    How exactly would I check the pulse line?

    Any ideas for a step by step troubleshooting plan? (The ski is about 400 miles away right now, but I plan on addressing this issue in two weeks.)

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    Check your Impeller and bearings.

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    I am new to jet skis so I may ask some dumb questions but I can't get my RPM's to go over 4200, you said if that's the case it could be in "limp mode"? what is that snd how do I fix it?

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    tinsel, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.
    I'd start a new post so more guys catch it and offer help.
    My wild guess is a fuel float at the sender unit.

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