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    Ultra 150 Performance

    Hi again im thinking about having GROUP K do a head job and blue print my pump and rebuild the pump it self with a solo 16/20. i cant get anything faster than 59-60 on gps on glass water i got 125 PSi of compression in all 3. they say its becuase the pump has to be reshimmed and new bearings. its got 136 hard beatin hrs. on it. do yall think this is worth the mone to get it back up to speeds if not better??

    Thanks Sean

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    I would do the heads but you might also want to check on the R&D, ada or skiworx heads. The pump definitely is due a overhaul. You are sure missing alot of speed.

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    Wow, 130 hours and you haven't destroyed your pump. Get the bearings changed ASAP. Be afraid of them over 50 hours.

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    I have skiworx mods and i stomp a groupk bigbore of the same year. Groupk is amazing but skiworks has the ultra down better then anyone

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    I would have to agree about skiworx im running thier 42cc heads and carb mod. I ran an 05 a few weeks back with a group k head job and beat up on him pretty good, have to admit though I got a few more mods than him.

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