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    Can anyone help me make my 2006 GTX go a little faster?

    I bought a GTX last summer and really like the way it rides and handles but the top speed according to the speedometer is only 59 mph max!
    Is there anything I can do that is not too expensive or too much work that can get me a little more speed?

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    fill the rideplate holes, do a custom air intake, upgrade the impeller..
    after that the more expensive options (but cheap in relation to other mods) are a green supercharger wheel, an xs intercooler kit, 42# injectors.
    $1200 for 6+ mph

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    Thanks for the reply! I am a little confused about the supercharger and intercooler! My GTX does not have currently - are you saying I should add these to my stock engine or are you assuming I have the supercharged GTX and should add these for better performance?

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    I assumed you had a supercharged GTX..
    In that case there is not much you can do that I'm aware of unless you want to spend big $$. I believe Red Devil here made his GTX go 76+ with the help of Nils.

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