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    Top speed of a 99 slh700 And how expensive

    Whats is the top speed, what are they worth, Are the engine parts fairly inexpensive ? Are their many upgrades to be done to the engine??

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    Parts are relatively inexpensive. Top speed with mods is around 61-63mph. But thats expensive.

    A 99 SLH is worth around $2300 on todays market.

    And yes there are upgrades, but without much effect because you're limited to a twin engine.
    You can however, upgrade to a triple cylinder if you're not afraid of work. And a lot of it.

    I'm still gathering pieces for my SLH 1200 project.

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    Whats the top speed stock. I have the chance to pick one up for 700 with a seized motor. I don't mind doing the rebuild. Just wonsering if it's worth it. Think its better than a sl750?

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    SL750 is around 75hp
    SLH 700 is 95hp

    Stock speed, around 54-55, I believe.

    With a siezed engine, in great shape, it's worth no more than 1300.

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