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    How to test the OPAS Blocks for water??

    What is the procedure for testing the OPAS Blocks to make sure they are water tight??

    I was thinking about hooking it up to the truck and pulling it up my drive way, so the back of the ski is pointing down the driveway and then just taking a hose and filling up the inside of the hull untill the water is over the block offs....

    Is that the correct procedure or something else?? Thanks all!

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    That would work. Or you can just back your ski in the water with the seat off and look for leaks.

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    I would but where I go jetskiing it is a very busy, and it only has 2 ramps...

    Also, does it put any more pressure on the plates when your actually riding? Like lets say it doesnt leak when I just back in but when I am riding it, what if it starts to leak?? I should just check it often?

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