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    how do I make gas power valves work

    Hey I gotta '01 GP1200r that I bought to rebuild, well the motor is done and back in the boat but when I bought it it had gas power valves on it and the exhaust manifold was off. When I went to pu it back on last week the power valves hit the manifold and no matter what I do they still hit(turn the valve cap around). What should I do with this? I've been told gas power valves are great to have but I can't get them to work.

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    On the one closest to the bow you will have to file it down in order to make it work. Eventually, someone will chime in and show you a good picture. As you file it down, you will also have to cut the spring back in order to make it work.

    You will either have to file #2 cap or grind a little bit of metal off of the exhaust pipe to make it work. I did a bit of both.

    It is not hard. You just have to be slow and methodical.

    If you bought the boat with the gas valves already in place, then one of the caps should be shorter than the others. Have you checked this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post

    what i tell ya Matt..i knew these guys would have pictures and help you out.. you found the right forum now.

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