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    pair of 96 slt 700's with similar problems

    I have two 96 slt 700's with electrical problems on just shuts down at random times but starts back up instantly. The second ski will not start for a few minutes, if you turn it off, and try to restart it. The second ski will start after it sits for 5 or 10 minutes or even less sometimes. This ski does not die, the problem occurs when the engine is shut off with the kill switch. The first ski will just die at random times and rpms but it will restart as quick as you can hit the button. I was thinking of switching the CDI units to see if the problems would follow them to the other skis. but if someone can give me another idea that would be great.

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    You may need the updated stators. Check the testing procedure in the tech section.

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    I understand there is an ignition upgrade for this model. Can anyone tell me how much it is and what comes with it?

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    I think they are in the 250-300 range and come with a coil, CDI and stator assembly.
    Have you opened the box and checked for loose wires?
    I like your idea of swapping CDI's and see what happens.

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