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Thread: 250 vs GP1300

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    250 vs GP1300

    I have a UltraLX and Ultra 250. Another buddy down the street just got his GP1300. We havent had a chance to run along side of each other, but he says his 170hp and light weight of 650lbs is about a wash against the heavier powered 250. Have any of you guys run against one of these, and how do they do in the ruff stuff in comparision. Thanks Jeff

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    That is probably true until you guys hit some ripple or chop. Then it is "bye-bye" for the GPR. Don't underestimate any pwc based on their HP. Some modded GPR's around my way run in the 78+ range and they have less than 250hp.


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    2 strokes especially stock or close to stock are not known for their holeshot. His weight also puts him at a disadvantage in the chop. You should have no problem beating him but before you go raggin on him go ride his ski and see how it makes 3 seaters feel like ocean liners as far as handling.

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    Make sure that you are NOT on smooth water. The GPR will eat the ultra 250. But only if the the guy knows how to ride. Once in rough water the GPR will slow down real quick.

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    I dunno bout the chop deal, I went head to head with my friends stock gpr1300 vs my stock 250 and I got him by 2 or 3 mph on gps not much, and in the ocean he ripped me a new ass cause I had giant waves crashing over my ski and barely knocking me off lol... His ski looked kinda more fun out there as the 250 looked like another day at work maybe worse.

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    My friend has a bone stock 1300 and i used to have one before my ultra. The hole shot the 250 crushes the 1300 i had him by about 2 boats in a blink of an eye. GPS i hit 68 he was at 63 in light chop. Once we hit the rough stuff it didn't take long for my 250 to get way way ahead. We found some smooth water later again i got a good lead on the hole shot but top end i would just slowly pull him. We did some mid range stuff and the 1300 would usually get a lead on me then i would eventually real him back in but it wasn't anything i would brag about. My 1300 was stock as well fun ski, horrible in the chop campared to the 250. But the mid range accelleration on the 1300 seems a lot stronger then my ultra.
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    Stock GPR's are turds. You'll chew em up. I've run away from all the GPR's I've ever raced. The hole shot is very soft on the GPR's

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    if he is stock chances are you can beat him in calm water . you will kill him in 1 foot chop or bigger . all of the 2 seaters are extremely limited , cant run good in rough water

    run him in glass water then run him in 2 foot chop . if he beats you in the glass it will be nothing compared to how bad you beat him in the rough

    i killed a guy on a gpr today and then we stoped and talked it turns out it was a gpr that runs 73 on gps , but that is in glass water .

    he was practicaly begging me to find calmer water to race him in .funny thing is we were in a channel that was calm .



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    I've got both, the GPR is an 06. The GPR (stock) has always been a pig out of the hole and the Ultra is so far out in front, there isn't enough lake here to ever run it down. The GPR with just a Riva rideplate will run 69 on GPS on absolute glass water and in the early morning cool temps. Add any chop at all and that speed drops rapidly. If you put the Ultra and the GPR side by side at 55mph and then accelerate to top speed in dead calm water, the GPR will win. Those are the only circumstances where it will win, in every other case, it's not even close. The GPR does get better fuel mileage which is something I never thought I'd see

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