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    '96 sl780 enough is enough, HELP!

    Hey all!

    I know this was probably talked about many times but i have to ask anyway to get some answers.

    Here's what i have. 1996 SL 780. r&d intake scoop, skat-trak 13/18 swirl, and a 5 degree pump wedge.

    Everytime i ride with my g/f (or any 2 other people that ride it) it bounces like crazy. I have the trim adjusted all the way to -5 and it still bounces. I also tried adding lots of weight in the storage compartment in the front (it helps but it also slows it down).

    Now what i have done is flipped the pump wedge upside down (thick part on top) this way it forces the nose down even more. That helped it some.

    So now, i am debating on buying an r&d extended plate, but i dont want to bother wasting my money if its not going to do anything.

    What else can be done? Besides, not running with a passenger or buying a different ski. I know these models were bad for bouncing there must be some ways to eliminate this.


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    I don't remember if the 96 has the extended pump already but if you have one, the extended plate will offer some help.
    A lot of 2 up riding really warrants a nice 3 seater.

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    Bing-A-Ding-Ding-Ding, Brrrrrap! Brrrrrrrrrap!!! Polaris_Nut#1's Avatar
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    SLX is extended, SL is NOT.

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    Thanks nut, I can never keep that straight.
    You can certainly try the stock plate off of something like an SL900 and see how it does.

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    I think he fitted one on his SL. Now he's porpoising like crazy, to the point he's thinking of removing the long and going back to short. Maybe look into a 2 or 3 degree wedge as Hot Seat says they reduce porpoising noticeably. Ph20 is right though, 2 up riding will be pretty rough with the SL hull.

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