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    96 xp taking on water

    i have a 1996 seadoo xp that i just rebuilt the jet pump in last fall installed in and i just took it out 4 the 1st time this year 2 weeks ago it ran great hits around 60 and has a powerful and quick acceleration but it seems to be taking on a lot more water then it use to before i took the pump out it use to barely take in any water at all inside the hull , now it is taking on a lot of water , i have a bilge pump and it works but i still would liek to know why it is leaking so bad , so i can fix it before i starting riding it in salt water again, i resiliconed it when i put it back in whats the problem???????? any ideas???????????????????????????

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    There is a zerk (?) fitting on the PTO end of the drive shaft. Put a few pumps of grease in, it helps keep tension on the carbon seal.

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    try this

    mine started to do the same thing come to find out it was the rivets in the foot well pads .wore out ordered a new set of hydroturf pads ,filling in rivet holes and glueing pads friday . good luck

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    Also check the syphon tubes on the end of the nozzle. If your missing one or both you'll be in bad shape....

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    turns out i was leaking water out of the head there was nothing wrong with the pump. I fixed the head leak now its runnin great

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