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    03 sc 4tec engine trouble?

    hey guys i took the ski out today finally and had some problems. it was running great everything was smooth top end and bottom end but for some reason the display read "sensor" for a few seconds on start, and every 4 minutes and 15 seconds it would beep and say "chk engine" on the disp. i dont know much about the ski because to be honest i'm kind of scared to tear into the motor. but if anyone knows how to resolve this or has had the same problems maybe you could let me know what i can do because i cant really afford $100 an hour for shop labor right now.
    thanks in advance and sorry so long

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    most likely you the oil presure switch which is common promblem on the 03 sc 4-techs. I stk them if you need on Im 95% sure that is probably what it is for sure If fixed 50 or more of them. JOJO

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    thats what i was thinking b/c its twin had the same problem. do you have any pics of the switch or any removal/installation instructions? also how much do you want for it if i can install it myself. like i said before i don't know much about whats under the "hood" of that thing but i am pretty mechanically inclined so i think i could do it if its not too too involved

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    also will running the ski while this is on hurt it at all?

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