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    stock class or RR computer??

    so what do you guys think is best to get with my set up now?? im putting this on the stage 2 ski.
    i have had someone tell me stock class would be the best, they said the RR would deliver to much fuel for my set up now.

    is anyone running the RR computer with just a riva stage 2 now???
    if so how is it running??

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    Get a RR ecu You can get used ones for cheap and you'll be happier, but you need an IC

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    jaws is right go with the R&R ECU because you already have Riva's intercooler.I thought about this set up but already have the Rotax intercooler.

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    The RR ECU will be best for your setup. It will also allow you to expand your mods in the future.

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