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    Question corrected post/ 04 RXP

    Hi all,

    I have a 04 RXP last summer it ingested water and the engine was replaced.

    After the engine was replaced, starting the engine has been difficult in that once you hit the start button the engine spins over a bit slower than normal. Someone told me this could be caused by a faulty crank position sensor and/or there was an update for this very type of thing. Can anyone confirm this?

    The ski acts like the starter is dragging. If you put the ski in the water you might get it to crank then again you might not. No codes, no warnings, etc… everything appears good.

    When the engine does crank it runs rough, but if you leave it on the trailer and you (feather the throttle) the ski appears to have plenty of power. It will buck the truck and trailer back and forth quite forcefully.

    We’ve replaced the battery, and load tested the new battery to make sure it good. Compression is 100lbs across the board (cold), oil level is good no apparent weird noises any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjet View Post
    Compression is 100lbs across the board (cold)
    I've talked to Riva and they said the compression should vary between 125~135psi for an '04 RXP. I don't know if doing it on a cold engine affected your numbers that much though. I think when CRAZEDRXP did a compression test on his engine cold it was 110~115psi across the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjet View Post
    Compression is 100lbs across the board
    More than likely your cam timing is off. Compression needs to be 135-140 with a stock camshaft.

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