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    Ok, post your likes or dislikes or what you do. Fell free to vent!

    I am a Union Glazier for the better part of 26 years, and even though I primarily work out of the Union Hall, I have been with many employers and on many job sites. I like the Job...

    Duties: When Foreman, Delegate job/work to Crew, Working Foreman, Fabricating, Layout Control lines, attend on-site meetings, Responsible for everything in my control and then some.
    When Journytman: Fabricating product, Layout work, foresee/trouble shoot areas of concern, work alongside my fellow Glazier, share knowledge, train the youngin`s
    BUT: some situations really BLOW, like the employer I`m working for now. They are lying sacks of shit. Richard knows how I feel about this particular shop BTW where is he???

    I/We laugh our asses off most of the time, and it is great when you/we are working with people that I/are well known. I`m currently working with a really good crew, people that I`ve known for years or they known me for years etc. BUT the way this shop operates puts way more back breaking work and frustration than absolutely necc. and they lie through their teeth which now gets the attention of the General Contractor soley on us. Atleast he knows it is not the crew but the ownership. I have wanted to quit several times and go back to the hall, yesturday was one of those days...PR...

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    I am a Network Analyst for a state agency in NY. My basic responsibilities are to maintain and manage a server farm of 180 local servers and approximately 100 remote servers.

    I'm currently implementing a VMware project (very cool BTW), a server consolidation project, a data center renovation project and I get the fun of maintaining the security patches on all 280.

    Job has great stability and benefits, raises/bonuses suck. Especially since I was an independent contractor with them for 5 1/2 years first where I was making excellent money. But thankfully the better half is now working for a venture capitalist and supporting my hobbies

    We joke that working for our company is one step above welfare because you actually have to show up sometimes....but overall it's not bad - 7.5hr day, 3wks vaca from day 1, 1.6 sickdays accrued a month and 3 floating holidays. I do miss a high stress environment though with deadlines and long hours and great pay.

    One thing that really irks me are the two guys in charge of server installations and therefore wiring. They are completely disorganized, have no concept of neatness or why you would want to be neat running wires. Cabling, etc is something I am extremely OCD drives me nuts every day. I'm hoping with the new data center my director is finally listening to me and I am getting to oversee all of the cabling to ensure it is done properly.

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    Snkypete: very cool!

    I forgot to mention: I have NO paid holidays, and NO paid vacations, every minute i`m away from my job is docked. isn`t that grand ...PR...

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    That's how it was when I was an independent contractor - but thankfully I made enough to cover any time away....those were some great times....flying to FL for what seemed every other month for a pwc event of some type in the winters. Best had to be either New Years in the FL keys with a bunch of SDN friends or Lover's Key....the keys even though my ski died after another rebuild (go figure) and I fractured my tailbone the day before new year's eve....but we still had a blast. Lover's Key put on by TJ/Todd is simply amazing....if you've ever thought of going GO. The mangrove riding lead by Todd is breathtaking and it's just a great, great time....wish I could get back down for one.

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    Cool jobs snkypete and PR,
    Mine's way more low-key. I'm the commercial videographer for a TV station. Duties include keeping up-to-date on and, oh yeah, shooting commercials, station promos, and a used car show.
    Been at this job for 18 mos and it's great! Steady hours, fun environment, awesome boss and co-workers, easy hours M-F 8:30 -4:30. Some days, I get to work with beautiful models in gorgeous locations, other days it's used-car salesmen and POS cars. I guess it balances out.
    Before this, I was a freelancer. I used to shoot and edit news, shot documentaries for cable networks and worked in sports production around the Midwest. Loved the work, didn't have time for a life.
    The future doesn't look too promising though. Since this is a Union shop (IBEW Local 4), Mgmt wants to take jurisdiction over everything and put us on the street. No contract in over year; Tribune Co. wants to bring in newbies at low $$$.
    If this job goes south, maybe I'll go to school to become a Sea-doo tech, gotta be better than some of the dodos that I've dealt with here!

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    gtxsc03: way cool job bro! Ladies, oh yeah!...

    my wife has been telling me to get out of this body torture job for quite awhile now, just can`t find what I like to do and get paid good or better $$$ than what I get now here in NJ... There is not enough market for self-employed auto/tech/boat/farm equipment/etc to do my resto thing, especially that bozo places like Pep boys charges 69.00 for single axle brakes, but hey, you get what you pay for...

    I had quite a following in the resto-mod area, until people started getting cheap and wanted to have me install inferior products in their go fast rides. I don`t compromise when it comes to putting my name to something. That`s prolly the only reason my current employer (day job) keeps me around, bc of experience and do it right the first time attitude, bc I certainly break their balls big time...PR...

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    there is alot of advantages and dis advantages to being self employed. i have a small construction company(metal studs,drywall, acoustic ceilings) i usually have anywhere from 15 to 25 employees payroll gets as much as $27,000 a week one contractor misses a payment or is late i start having chest pains. i used to be able to go any where any time when it was smaller but, now if i take one day it seems like the world is going to end. the only advantage i see is the $$$$$$$ but, sometimes it is not there.

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    After seeing your IC install, I see why the bosses like your work. Too many it's "just get it done because you're costing me money!" Speaking of which gotta go back to the garage. Got all my new parts from Jerry and that pump won't climb into my Doo on it's own!

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    well? go do it!...LOL...PR...

    and have fun...

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    I have an attorney services and copy/printing company, I have murder envies on a daily basis but money is good, so I carry on...

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