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Thread: Snow

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    I posted this on my "" website, so meeper, psyco, dime; sorry about the repeat.... I am just really ticked off this morning.

    And you all you great people from the North that know snow.... This is why we panic so much in the Northeast at the chance of a flurry..

    OK so don't take this wrong but I need to vent....
    It's snow people. We can all see that. Been around for years. Now I understand that us mid atlantic folk don't see too much of it so we don't always know how to react. Here are a couple of "how to's" on how to handle snowfall.

    1) To all our loving Honda folks: I understand that you take great pride in driving the most economical and most trendy vehicles in the world, and I know you want to drive out there in the snow and show off that you have a fancy front wheel drive, but three little tidbits of info;

    a. Drive as slow as you want, thats cool, safety is the key to staying alive. But stay out of the left lane if your going 5 mph. You will get hit.

    b. Don't ride tandem down the road next to your other Honda friends to be cool cause you BOTH have Hondas. There are other people out on the road and yes, they are just as important, and well much bigger and meaner then you.

    c. When the unfortunate occurs and you find yourself off in a snow drift, Don't lecture the only person who gives a damn to pull over and help you that he should be driving a Honda and becaues I am not, I hate trees and am is destroying the environment with my gas guzzling American SUV (I drove the Liberty for christs sake). I just made 25 bucks pulling you out. How economical is that???

    2) To the "pimp my ride" Escalade on the beltway today; when it snows, it is best to leave early for those Sunday morning drug deals so you allow yourself plenty of time to make the delivery/pickup without being even more of burden on society. And if you ever pass me with a 3 inch gap between us at 40 miles an hour even on a good day, I will have no problem knocking you and your jammed up spinners into the Potomac river in the hopes that you survive the fall just to bleed out and drown.

    3) And ladies, we all know you are the social butterflies and your time is very important. But in the case of driving on unplowed roads, it is probally in everyones best intrest that you FOCUS all your attention on the road. The cell phone is for calling AAA after the accident, not before. And there is no need to primp yourself in the mirror on the way to wherever you feel the need to be. The windows are covered in snow and God dosen't judge you on looks while your confessing your previous nights sins at confession.

    4) Last but not least. To the Virginia department of transportation, My hats off to you and your team of expert managers and planners that deemed plowing the Dulles Airport expressway priority one over the commuter toll road that is paying your paychecks. WHO THE HELL IS FLYING OUT OF DULLES AT 6 IN THE MORNING DURING A NOR'EASTER?????

    Sorry about that, I just felt the need to enlighten people to the idiocy that is Washington, DC...

    I feel better now..

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    I have been down here in florida for the past 6 years but I grew up in the North East and have had to drive in snow many many times. I never had an accident.

    I noticed that anyone who passed me, I thought was an maniac. Anyone who I passed I thought was an idiot.

    (hmm, I wonder who the real idiot was)

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    TJX: Dude that is some funny shit and truths!!!
    Here is what I woke up to this fine morning...PR...
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    Well said Tjx! I drive an F-350 and i hate it when people are scared of the snow and drive like pussies. I'm talkin about the guy doin 40mph on the beltway fastlane because it's snowing (just not sticking to the road). I have places to be so if i feel i need to blaze down the road at breakneck speeds in my big work truck to almost certain death, Just move your sissy ass over and let the world go by.

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    01X: dude you should live in Tuckerton, you can`t believe the crap they drive here, these clam diggers are in no hurry ...PR...

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    12+" on the ground up here at the GF's college(wher i convienently went before the snow hit )

    Actually im leaving at 4, no roads are plowed yet so wish me luck. Gotta love having a jeep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pettee
    12+" on the ground up here at the GF's college(wher i convienently went before the snow hit )

    Good man! ...PR...

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    These are my Jeeps... Well the Wrangler dosen't look like that anymore.. ha ha ha... But both very capable in the snow... Today I drove the Liberty.. I used to commute between Richmond and NYC and I would average 17-20... Not exactly the Eco killer.. but then again, the car has some balls on it.. The wrangler on the other hand.. well lets say it gets mile(s) per gallon. But hey who cares.. Its how I like to contribute to the global economy. I would always sacrifice mpg for hp... I mean who among us wouldn't???
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    [quote="Pettee"]12+" on the ground up here at the GF's college(wher i convienently went before the snow hit )

    Hey there is nonthing wrong with waiting out a snow storm using the buddy system....

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    We're up to about 11-12" here.... some of my friends in CT are already well over 16" - central park is supposedly over 22".

    I'm thawing out for a bit and then taking the Grizzly back out to play

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