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    marine gas on river?

    (2005 f12x 90 hrs) put some gas in at the harbor today instead of the usual 93 octane from shell and I noticed when trying to race my buddy's r12 that I was only hitting 55-56 mph, the water was pretty calm today also usally I can pull 64 65 easy what gives? hopefully its just the gas I did run it down to the one bar mark before pulling out to ensure a new tank of gas tommorow! anyone else have a issue like this. I know at my marina not this harbor they said it says 89 but they said with all the aditines itr makes it a higer octane. if this is not true please tell me and I will always run pump gas!
    thank you Justin
    ps I did check all my hoses
    and checked for any leaks with the seat off and running on my jet dock while the ski was in water and didn't notice anything wrong
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    It sounds like someone is feeding you a bunch of bull!!!

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    low on fuel...marina in front of you with gas pumps on the tempting...

    JUST SAY NO to marina gas. Carry fuel on your trailer.

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