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    Can I remove the engine (SL 750) with the carbs still on it?

    Hey everyone! My first ski!

    I did a search, could find anything. The shop manual I have isn't clear.

    I need to pull the engine and the carb bolts are hard to get to ( as I am sure y'all know). Is it possible to pull the engine with the carbs attached?

    If not, what size is the bolt?


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    You should practice pulling the carbs anyway! just get a stubby wrench 12mm it something you need to be proficient at if you plan on keeping the ski! The good news is after you do it once or twice it's cake and you actually can do it with your eyes closed TIP put a towel in hull to catch the nuts if u drop them! Z

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    the answer is yes u can..

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    6 - 12 mm# 31's all in a row and easy to feel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgard32 View Post
    the answer is yes u can..

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    Cool! Thanks guys!!

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    Why not unbolt everything then tip the engine on it's side and unbolt them?

    But like Z said you better learn to take 'em off while then engine is still in the boat. My hint is CLEAN THE THREADS on the nuts and studs.. That way you can spin them mostly on and just tighten them with the wrench. It can be done without the stubby (read cheap-o tawain made box-end wrench you cut with a sawzall) but it's more difficult.


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