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    1st day out...Yammy Threatened by RXP

    Saturday 2-11-06 was my 1st ride on my New from dealer 04 RXP (green). I ride in the Columbia river near Portland Ore. Water was 41 degrees air temp was 47. Wind about 10 mph, mild chop and overcast with limited sun. Coldest day I've ever riden. I do have all the cold weather gear. I rode with a friend that also just bought a 05 RXT. We logged 2 hours on our breakin period. I like the RXP. It will take a little to get use to the size coming from a GSX Limited.
    On the way out to the river from the marina we met a guy on a yammy 1300r. He asked why I would buy a Seadoo. I told him I've had two other Seadoo's and have rode yammy's and Kawi's and perferred the Seadoo. He seemed to be a little threatened and wanted to race on the spot for papers. I blew him off untill I get the RXP broke in properly and a new intake grate. Other than this guy the ride was great.

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    Re: 1st day out...Yammy Threatened by RXP

    you will get use to the size, and it will impress you i'm comming from a 1998xpl wich is the same hull and engine as your old gsxl as for the gpr 1300r you will blow him off in the top speed unless he is not stock.
    the yammis are great machines and reliable as for what i heard.

    you did right not racing him in your first 2 hours of break inn periode some guys in this forum say it is better to break inn your ski hard after the 1st hour i did it according to brp specs.

    are you getting the mod fever yet?

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    If he is racing for papers he is not stock. Either that or he is stupid.
    The XPL and GSX do not share the same hull.

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    The yammi guy was riding with a gtx (185hp) friend. He said the yammi was fast. I don't know if that ment he had mods or not. I would like to get a grate and intake for starters. I'll run it asis until summer.

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    yammi`s are quick!, you`ll have to out ride him if he`s stock, if not I don`t think a stock GTX SC will beat him, could be iffy for the rxp too!...PR...

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    yammi's are quick, this is true. However, I smoked every gp1300R when I first got my craft, 2005 rxp. Only the modded yammi's were any challenge, and on really calm water they didn't match up at all. He would probably eat you alive on the rough though.

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    Stock 2004 RXP vs. Stock 2005 GP1300R, I have found races to be very close. My buddy SpeedJunky on GH's forums had his top GPS speed at 67.4mph. My RXP best was 68.8mph. Every time we raced (about 1mile or a little more) I never beat him by more than half of my RXP. Thats 5 feet. Not much over a 1mile race. Granted we were going around 40mph when we started. In chop, even a little, he would kick my ass. My machine in good conditions will run consistant high 67mph on the GPS, and occasionally break 68mph. His ski consistantly ran in the mid to high 66mph range on the GPS. There's the difference in hulls for ya.

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    well I already smoked the Honda, with just an air intake, grate, sponsons, NOPAS, PPG power pipe and a PPG re-pitch, I was about 50 feet ahead of 2 yammi`s coming out of a NO-Wake zone, I`m looking at them they are watching me, as soon as they hit the throttle, I got on it and they both never caught up...can`t wait till I fire it up now, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...PR...

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    I did notice even in light chop I would suck air more that I liked. Please reccommend the best intake grate for the RXP. I put a worx grate on my GSX and it worked very well. Thanks for the info. Oop's Sorry I tryed to put the attached photo into the user column.
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    I`m hearing the Riva intake for the RXP. nice pic, that looks like a cool place to ride...PR...

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