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    Question need help 96 speedster new to me

    Bought '96 Speedster 15' twin engine Bombadier. Been sitting outside 2 yrs. Engines tuned, run great now. Water tested engines have 7000+rpm, but boat has no forward/backward propellsion. (does go extremely slow) Did get on plane once to full throttle (speedometer broke), but when back to no wake, boat would not get back on plane again. Motors would rev to 7000/redline, no movement, both engines appear to be affected. Any suggestions?
    I have heard to check the Rings wear, impellers and is a clutch assembly on this boat? lawrence

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    check your shafts under neath and make sure nothing is in there thats not supposed to be there. check your through hull fittings make sure they are greased and not siezing up .and make sure your not using a learner key .

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    Ok can check all that stuff and replace/repair easy enough, but never heard of a learner key. Do have two keys though. Fabric covered safety caps(?) that goes over the key peg. Does color matter? (white & yellow is what we have) Cant remember what I used today for the water test. I know this is dumb but: how would the learner key affect the rev/propellsion? thanks

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