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    More MPH on a stock 1994 SL 750

    Hi everyone I was wondering if by replacing the stock intake grate or the ride plate on my 94 SL 750 would I be able to gain more speed and if so what would be the right one for either or both and also would it help If I added flame arrestors. And by doing this would I have to adjust anything on the ski
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    mule, save your money and have the domes cut, reeds, reed spacers, aftermarket flame arrestors, and see how that livens things up.
    You will need to alter jetting but have whoever performs your head mod to make a suggestion. Be sure to let them know of ALL the mods/changes you make.

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    ph whats it mean to have the domes cut? By doing what you stated what kind of performance could I expect.
    Thanks for all the info this forum has been very helpful thanks to all
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    Cut them down to raise the compression.

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