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    95 sl750 fuel problems

    I just got my ski running in the garage 2 weeks ago. I bought it this winter and never had it running before. I took it to the lake and it would not run, it seemed like it wasn't getting fuel. I brought it home and performed the following:
    Replaced fuel lines
    replaced fuel filters
    installed triple fuel pump
    removed gas tank, drained, and cleaned

    I got it running and it seemed a little boggy after 1/4 throttle, I removed the water seperator because I think it was restricting flow. I got it in the lake and all it will do is run at 1/4 throttle and it won't idle. I don't know if it is getting to much or to little fuel.
    What should I do first???

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    Have you cleaned, rebuilt the carbs?

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    Definately go through the carbs and look into a new fuel selector valve.

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    What took it down originally and what did you do in order for it to run again?
    Any water ingestion??

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    Before you start adjusting carbs try this.

    I put my 3 out put Mikuni fuel pump in the original factory location and it would not work.

    Lay it in the bottom of the ski to see what happens. Then if OK mount to the RH fiberglass web in front of the battery/electrical box.

    Be sure the restrictor is in the fuel return line to the tank.

    Carbs need to be adjusted in the water.

    Do search for evaluating plug conditions, piston wash.

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