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    01 XLT - stuck trim

    I'm going to look at an 01 XLT this evening. The owner says it has "stuck trim, in Neutral position"

    Whats the best case/worse case this could be do to?

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    The trim pieces are mechanical so start with the cables under the front bucket and work your way back to the nozzle.

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    I do not know if this will help you , but on my 99 xl1200 the plastic on the inside of the left handle bar grip with the trim on it was busted all to pieces where the trim cable hooks into. I replaced it and everything seems to be working fine now, but my buddies xlt 1200 trim quit working and it was his cable. I hope this helps you out

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    Thanks guys...

    Sure, every bit of info helps!

    I'm thinking it's either user error or a rusted cable. I'll check it out when I look at it.

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    One of the girls here had an XLT that was stuck in neutral that ended up an easy fix. I undid the allen head screw on the handle bar and shot lots of WD40 into it. Was all free'd up in a very short time.
    It could well be the cables though, and a re-grease of them is sure to help as well.

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    When I bought my 01 XLT it was stuck in nuetral. The cables coming from the handgrip were frozen. Used some penetrating oil to free them up.

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    Just an update:

    The cables from the handlebar were frozen, I tried to spray lube into the handlebar area and free it up... it snapped.

    I forgot to check the other end of the cable, the end inside the hull was the really rusted part! hahah.

    Oh well, either way it needed to be replaced. New cables are on order!

    Although I can't drive it until that is replaced as the nozzle just flops around on its own...

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