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Thread: 05 GP1300r lean

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    05 GP1300r lean

    hey guys

    recently modded the 05 GP1300r

    D Plate
    scoop grate
    13/20 solas
    87mm nozzle
    pump seal kit
    Free flow exhaust

    great holeshot,,, really happy with performance maybe loose 1 or 2 Km's top-end, but I was after the bottom-end bouy to bouy stuff

    after 10 hours or so
    the Plug readings are definately a couple of shades lighter
    stock readings before mods were a textbook perfect golden brown, but now??
    it's not the leanest looking stop the motor type plug
    but definately lighter than golden brown-ish so too speak {I'll post pics maybe later}
    any way it's got me a little worried

    after reading most posts, an aftermarket EFI controller seems the only way
    You can't adjust stock yamaha EFI??? why not??{can't someone hack-it, it's out of warranty}
    is there any other way???, add some extra oil too tank, is that recommended??

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    Did you change oil brand?

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    no, still on the Yammalube
    you thinkin, saying use the Amsoil

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    I would not add extra oil to the tank to fix a lean condition. Its your FF exhaust that leaning it out. You either need to add more fuel or reduce the air. Or let it run lean, its your choice. I would say either remove the FF or get the EFI controller.

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    Agree FF causing it you need a E.F.I

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