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    wedge on GTX W/RE`s

    , well I tested the Riva wedge on the GTX with stock grate and RE`s.
    I expected the bow to be a bit up during slower speed operation but still plowing during no wake speed. at mid to max speeds the ski is good IMHO. Hull up out of the water a bit more and it feels better in the ripple to mid chop. easier going over boat wakes at slow to moderate speed. conditions were 78 degree`s, 74 degree water temp, very windy, smooth to moderate chop during the ride up river. Top speed for these conditions were the same, 62.3 - 62.5 mph. The shipbottom ride was rougher waters and with no wedge was doing same speeds @ 7600-7650...

    handling: The RE`s alone corned and tracked thru the corner very well. I have the RXP 05 sponsons on this GTX. Ski would slide out but consistent and predictable. With the wedge on the ski starts to slide, as craft slows during moderate to hard cornering it will bite at some point unexpectedly and turn sharper than expected . but at wide turns and on the throttle you could basically count on it going where you point it!...

    IMHO: the wedge only really helped when you were boogying. I didn`t experience any cavatation, un-hooking, or porpoising. I was watching the tach (digitally) to see if the pump became unhooked over the chop at near max speed, it didn`t...PR...

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    Is your GTX finally running normal again? Did you just put everything back to stock as much as possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post

    Is your GTX finally running normal again? Did you just put everything back to stock as much as possible?
    hey Jay, whassup!
    It still has the hull mods, UMI, RXP sponsons, now the wedge. Thru hull still there...but yeah basically stock, except I installed an 05 RXP intake with an 06 IC and all the correct hoses...oops I forgot I still have the 158 thermostat, and skat pump mod with SS ring and stock 4 blader... that about sums it up... crossing my fingers it still runnin! and have another year left of warranty to boot! ...PR...

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