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    Found this on the USCG Recall site

    I found this while looking for recalls on my own ski. Not here to troll. Get your skis checked ! It is still and open issue.

    Its a few months old so most of you wont be effected but its not a closed issue yet.

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    This is not trolling. This is the kind of stuff that helps others out the way this forum should be...

    Thanks Baron...

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    For people who didn't know, the 07's have a recall for this. Bring it back to the dealer to get a new check valve installed or yours checked.

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    wow thanks for the info. I'm a little pissed I just bought an 07 RXP new 2 months ago and specifically asked if there was any recalls that needed to be performed and they said there were no recalls for the 07s. I need to take it in for the 10hr check anyways so now I have a specific recall # to point them too.

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