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    Has anyone tried TDR waterbox on RXP

    I have a bunch of old kawasaki and seadoo TDR power spray water boxes laying around-- has anyone hooked one of these up to their RXP?? and do u think you could?? thanks

    and do you even need to run a water box on the rxp?? thanks

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    Well, it would have to FIT the rxp. That would be the biggest problem.

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    what about custom piping????

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    tried it dosent work

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    why didnt it work?? thanks

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    I have the tdr waterbox FOR rxp on my stage 3.....short and smaller diameter sounded killer b4 #3 rod took out 3/4 of engine case night b4 last......stripped down to every component on the way....ummm...I still need an intake roker arm............

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    so they actually make one for the rxp??? i was just going to use an old one i had laying around??? do u think it would work?? thanks

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    because of the j pipe and riva thru hull, the inlet-outlet must be damn close, if not, u WILL be fabricating SOMTHING..

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    No it wont work Diffrencent fittings if u have one for a 95 xp let me know ill take it off ur hands

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