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    Growler is for sale

    1996 Sea Doo XP hull
    951 engine
    Mel Miller Phase 3 cylinder porting
    Miller Head with 47 and 44cc domes
    Factory Twin Pipes (RXX)
    951 155mm pump
    Concord 15/20 pump
    Stock 951 carbs
    951 waterbox
    800 electronics with MSD Enhancer
    Jet Trim seat cover

    Needs one hydroturf footwell matt for left side.

    Ski will GPS 71MPH, and get there in a hurry.

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    how much, and location please

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    Say it ain't so Greg! Getting something else?

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    Location is OH, and it has a trailer.
    Need at least 4k, firm.

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    Wish I had the extra money. I'd love to have this ski

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    ski also has a hot tach II

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    3500 takes it and the trailer.
    needs a pump, but everything else is OK. if nobody wants it, I will be parting it out since I never ride it anymore.

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    any pictures?

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    I am gonna cry, that boat is a steal at $4k. Somebody buy it so I don't get forclosed on because I used my house payments to buy it

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