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    Grease for impeller/ shaft

    What grease do people use when the put the impeller back on ?

    Is this ok ?

    I'm about to pull of my impeller to repitch it but not sure what grease to use and where when I put it back.....

    I forgot what I used last time, I think seadoo grease...

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    That looks like good stuff. I personally use Amsoil water resistant Grease, But I would think it is OK to use the Mobil, really any good water resistant grease, synthetic or lithium based is suitable for putting on the splines of the drive shaft and spooning a little inside the impeller upon assembly...PR...

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    You could also go to and check there. I also think snkypete is a dealer!? or you could purchase online yourself for around the same price in the Amsoil online store...PR...

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