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    looking for venting ideas:

    I need some ideas on venting the hull, since the only way I see air coming in is from the air tube in front of the seat. I`m a little surprised that I see heat fade with a stock IC and RXP intake VS when I had the stock GTX SC intake in the ski alone.
    I didn`t have any heat fade when I was running the Riva IC, but remember i`m in NJ, and only a few weeks of really high temps to deal with. anyways back to the question: where and how can I vent this hull without butchering it and basically hiding the Holes or flow rites etc???

    remember my ski is back to stock for a reason, and I have a modded factory air box in there now, which will remain. I`m not to hip on adding a blower fan and running off the stock electrical full time...PR...

    please post your ideas and how to`s! thanks...

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    Possible Solution

    I have done a custom air intake mod to my RXP you may be interested in. Does your ski have the silver (fake) air intake grates? Its a simple mod only need a small elec. saw. Clean looking, no parts, significantly increases air flow as close to ram air as you can get, w/ no risk of H2O ingestion. Get back with me.
    THE WES!

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    Wes, share your ideas please, I am interested in venting too!

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    I have a 2004 GTX SC...PR...

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    Andy I know you dont want to, but man I feel soooo much heat coming out with the blower is not even funny. I could not beleive it even. I say you try it out first like I did. I just wired it directly to the battery to test it with some of those alligator clamps. After I tried it I was sold. Wired it up correctly and put a switch in it. You dont even have to do the holes on the cawling if you dont want to.

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    ram air

    i think he cuts in the upper look alike air intake section of the chrome side pieces. that way you won't see the cut , then he cuts into the upper compartment right above the cut which brings the air up into the upper compartment and not the water. there you drill a 4 inch hole into the center of the compartment which brings the air into the main compartment ( not using the bucket) i remember this mod done long time ago. there were pics posted on hulks old website. jerry should know about it and the pics. i thought that was a great idea, it showels the air and not the water upward into the upper front compartment.

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