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    What state has the worst drivers?

    I cuss at those #@*&^%$% out of state drivers everyday on the Garden State Parkway WTF get out of the freakin left lane you chumps

    easy Shibby, I know you have a NY tag ...PR...

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    The arkansas drivers are just annoying especally the teen ones...i think they have a contest to see how has the loudest pick gets old..

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    loud pickup????

    you mean loud honda civics?

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    You wanna talk loud? What about the Harley Fergusons.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOATADDICT
    You wanna talk loud? What about the Harley Fergusons.....
    we moved from our last location bc they took over a restaurant that was across the street, MF`rs screaming down the street at 2:00am...PR...

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    I would say TN has the worst. Just from my experience visiting FL, SC, TN, NC, VA, WV, OH, CO, and the peach state.

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    i love my NY drivers.. i'm one of em and have a blast on the roads

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    Koreatown, Los Angeles, People's Republik of Kalifornia.

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    New York, without a doubt. Especially once you hit upstate New York (anywhere north of the Tappan Zee Bridge). Most of them are such putzes that just do nothing but camp in the left lane and make the drive on the New York State Thruway absolutely miserable. The thruway is so well maintained too that this is nearly impossible to imagine. Thruway cops will let you get away with 15 to 20 mph over the speed limit (80 to 85 mph) before even starting to look twice at you to pull you over.

    Don't even get me started on the NYC cabbies too, I'd feel safer with an Islamic extremist pointing an assault rifle at me.

    NJ isn't much better, but NY has to be the absolute worst.

    Drive right, pass left!

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    Well...the worst traffic I have ever seen is in "11 Land" on the 405. However, the worst drivers I have ever seen are all the tourists in Orlando.

    There are a few million of them a year, driving rental mini-vans, and none with a frickin clue where they are going!

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