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    15FNew Best GPS 68.8 (My ski, not me)

    Early Morning 68 Degrees
    Lake Lanier, GA
    ETrex borrowed from Chris

    Me 210lbs
    Fuel No Bars (Was beeping for 30-45 minutes) Not sure if anyone else has this but when my first Low Fuel Beep goes off I still have 6 gallons in tank.
    So I rode it down low......and had only a fire extinguisher. Superman and freshly shaved head.......
    GPS 67.6

    Chris (Tall and skinny as a rail, 17 year old)
    6' 1"
    Same as above
    He said the ski was registering 72 on the gauge when he was able to peak over bars. I let him run a few more passes but the 68.8 was top.

    So all I have to do is loose 65

    Mods full Riva RPM Kit, Sponsons in Middle position, 14/21, exhaust mod, and sealed plate, fresh wax...

    Ski felt great.
    Water was cool and weather perfect. Weather plays huge roll as the next day my best GPS was only 67.1 early morning and then 66.8 afternoon.

    Now I just need to install wedge and raise sponsons to see what happens.....

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    Damn good numbers! I'm currently at 67.3mph GPS, but it seems like everytime I go out the speed goes up a half mph or so. I think the motor is still breaking itself in...has 22 hours on it.

    With my findings, raising the sponsons will not net you any kind of gain. I actually hated when they were up because they would barely kiss the water and spray water everywhere.
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    You guys go. Great job.

    That is flyin on a 15f.

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    awesome speed guys,i have the airfilter and rideplate and i hit 65.3 3 bars of fuel superman bout to install the free flow exhaust, its amzing how much potental these things have all motor!

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    Help me find 2 mph

    Any ideas besides wedge on how to get the extra 2mph?

    I was thinking of repitching the impeller down a little to get the extra RPM.


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    Quote Originally Posted by liner911 View Post
    Any ideas besides wedge on how to get the extra 2mph?

    I was thinking of repitching the impeller down a little to get the extra RPM.

    You could try to repitch the impeller. Impros said that the 14/21 was too tall for the RPM kit. Give them a call and see what their take is on it and too see if you can squeeze out 2 more mph.

    Throw the wedge in first and run it to see what kind of speed gain you get out of it.

    A 70mph GPS 15F would be sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liner911 View Post

    So all I have to do is loose 65

    last mod: go on an Ethiopean diet. That mod will actually SAVE you money!

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    Bro, if it's not you, it dosent count. j/k

    You also may want to do a search, on the wedge for the 15F, I think 3 guys have put them on here, and the lost speed.
    Man, you guys must ride on some flat ass water!!!!!!No way I can get them numbers in ocean riding, then again, I dont have the full riva kit. I'm short the waterbox mod, and still have both waterboxes, and stock impeller. Other than that, I've got the rest of the riva kit. Too many swells. Keep us posted on how you hit 70 though.

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    70s possible...ive done it with bolt on and free mods. my average was 69 though. its all in the details on the 15f.

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    racingtrx450...did you notice a difference with the timing advance,& what deg you set yours at?

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