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    Advice needed... buying a 2000 gp1200r...

    The advice I enquire is mostly about paperwork. Something about this seems fishy, but I did buy it now on ebay:

    Now at first, I was suspicious as to it being a plain out scam, and that it wasn't this seller selling it at all.. but a hacker selling it. Sounds VERY cheap to me, almost too good to be true BUT I just got home from visiting the seller and inspecting the item... it IS as listed. He says he has the title, but he never registered it in his name??? he buys and trades for a living, hense his little ebay buisness and he got this on a trade. I need some advice from the pros as to what I should to to protect myself in this transaction? Should I ask him to come with me to the vessel registration place and make sure it gets in my name.. or what?

    I didn't go into detail tonight about the paperwork, I just asked if he had proper paperwork, and that is what he told me. Now my first assumption going back to it being 1) a scam or 2) stolen.. I think IF he has the title, it is probably not stolen, wouldn't you agree?

    I just want to take the proper steps with the advice of you guys... and get the ski successfully put into my name. Any advice on that would be much appreciated.

    Now, onto part to of my questions.. he mentions that it bogs down when you floor the throttle... he showed me something I'm unfamiliar with being as I had a regular gp1200 (non-powervalve)... he showed me that the first linkeage between the valves is missing, but he has the part and he claims that he'll have the ski running by tommorrow evening. I plan to go there, and follow him to our nearest lake to give it a test drive. At which time, I will do as MANDITORY plug burn tests, compression, etc... Does this problem sound like something SERIOUS?

    As long as I can get the ski in my name, and it is in good running order, I will be happy.

    Any advice you can give me so that I can better protect myself regarding the paperwork, would be much appreciated.

    Hopefully I'll finally have a gpr soon!

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    hi i cant advise you on the paper work as i am in the uk and they have nothing with them to sell...
    but i have a 2000 gpr12 in my garage with the very same bog problem
    as yet not found it and now getting coils bench loaded as there primary and secondary check out fine in the ski,ht leads checked ok,all connectins fine from ecu,crank still in phase,carbs re built,reeds fine,bore scoped engine too..
    leaning heavy to ecu now but awaiting coil load results..
    IF your gp has the same problem i would give it a wide birth for the above reasons let alone the paper wok issue...


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    I test drove it today, didn't run like a 70+ mile an hour boat should. Did a compresion check: MAG 125 middle 110 pto 50! So needless to say I didn't get it.

    Thus, I'm still looking for a replacemtn ski.. a gp1200 or a kawasaki ultra 150...let me know what you got!

    My search contiues !


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    Might be a far drive, but looks worth it.

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    77're from Dale Earnhardt's hometown!!

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