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    How Hot? How Long?

    Hey guys,

    Something strange this evening - we spent 90 minutes riding, and when I got home and pulled the seat on my wife's basically stock 03 1300, it was crazy hot! I'm talking almost burn your hand hot - head, pipe, plastic cover over the cat converter was radiating heat......

    No overheat alarms, no hesitation when riding, no ugly sounds. I quizzed my wife twice to be sure. So, I pulled the plugs (replaced before this ride) - ceramic is basically white (like they hadn't been used yet!) Uh oh.

    Checked the compression - 120-115-120. Pulled the strainer and checked it - nothing obvious blocking.

    So the question (s) are - how hot for how long? And, can a stock ski run lean? I haven't pulled the head yet - probably do that tomorrow.

    FYI - it's been just under 3 hours since we got back now, and the head is still warm to the touch, and the pipe is as well.....

    Any advice?


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    Thats normal. When the cat is still installed it holds heat for a long time. It is actually hotter when the ski is turned off than it is when its running because the water stops flowing through the pipe.

    I can run hard for a couple hours and put my hand on the pipe and not be uncomfortable, then put my hand on it an hour later and it feel hotter than before. The cat makes it alot worse.

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    I agree with porksworld....I have a XLT with the cat and a GPR without the XLT is way warmer hours after the ride.

    If you do a search you will find some other comments on it as well (I created a similar thread about a month ago since it surprised me).

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    Why the 5 pnds difference in compresson? And I dont think the plugs should have looked that clean im sure you were ideling while loading the ski plugs should have atleast been wet with some carbon I would think. The plugs looking white like you just took them out of the box would scare me.

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    washingtonrider this heat we have up here right now will make her hot... a few years ago I was out at seafair and I thought something must have been wrong due to excess heat...(the seat got hot from the motor) make sure both your pissers are running water! also find it hard to believe that a stock ski would run so lean to cause damage... also maybe the cat is starting to go bag adding to the heat problem?

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