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    Why these over traditional prop boats?

    First off I don't want it to sound like I'm bashing "jet prop" boats, I'm just curious as I honestly don't see the attraction one way or another. But all the people I come across either think seadoos are fake boats, whereas seadoo owners say I/O boats are dinosaur technology...

    So anyone wanna give me an unbiased breakdown on the pros and cons of each, or is it merely just a choice? I'll even take a personal reason you picked one over the other. I have a bayliner capri and I've driven several similar sized seadoo models and I have to say they're fairly equal as far as cruising around such. The only thing I noticed is that the bayliner seems to ride the chop of the ocean a lot better, but with the seadoo I could run it shallower since I didn't have a prop sticking down so low.

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    Personal choice I guess.

    Cons=very inefficient and burns fuel fast. lack of top end. no steering off throttle
    Pros=quick outta the hole. shallow draft. no exposed prop. no outdrive maintenance.

    Cons= lots of moving parts. more maintenance. sharp prop exposed. deeper draft more susceptible to damaging prop
    Pros=higher top end. better overall performance, fuel efficient. better for laregr boats with high HP.

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    jet vs. prop

    Way more speed for less money. For the competitive, they will blow prop boats out of the water off the line & handling & but for the far more expensive, on top end too. Maneuverability unrivaled. Shallow draft for getting into, around and out of more fun places. Super easy to maintain. Fantastic for water sports - no props to chop swimmers, superior out-of-the-hole pull. Usable/open space typically more than most prop boats. As good on gas if not slightly better than similarly sized/hp prop boats. Lots of storage space.

    Not as good in chop as deeper-v hulled boats - no trim tabs. No cabin/head. Supercharger washers must be upgraded without delay. Schwag getting stuck in the impellers and crippling the jet pump(s) is an incredibly frustrating and often unavoidable pain in the drain hole that can require pulling the boat out of the water to remedy.

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    yeah - on second thought, gas consumption generally probably leans in favor of the prop boats...depends on the size, hull, power of the boat(s).

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    boaMy reasoning:

    1. Shallow draft. 12" is all my 150 needs at idle, and about 3" when planing.

    2. Maintenance. Direct drive means fewer parts to break.

    3. "fun factor". Toss a 150 around for a few hours, you'll understand.

    4. Performance. Compare the 150's accelleration to just about anything:

    Sea Doo 150 SCIC (215hp): 0-30 4.4 seconds Time to plane: 2.3 seconds Top Speed: 58mph
    Formula 292 FastTech (600HP!) 0-30 19.4 seconds Time to plane: 9.2 seconds Top Speed: 70mph
    Baja 20 Outlaw (260HP 5L): 0-30 8.6 seconds Time to plane: 3.9 Seconds Top Speed: 62.4mph
    Baja 35 Poker Run Edition (1000HP!!!): 0-30 7.6Seconds Time to plane: 4.6 Seconds Top speed: 85.1mph

    It's not even close. A top speed nearing 60mph for a lake boat is way more than enough, so which do you do more often: Accellerate or hit top speed? I'll trade a touch of top end for massive accelleration!

    5. Driftwood in the river doesn't mean a bent prop. If you boat in rivers and lakes you'll appreciate not having to panic if a 2" diameter stick is in your path.

    If I lived in Miami I might get a big Baja or something, but if your boating is mainly rivers and lakes a Jet boat has everything you'd want.

    As for PEAK fuel economy:

    Sportster 150 SCIC (215hp): 4.62MPG at 27MPH
    Caravelle 187LS (190HP, closest config I could find): 3.99MPG at 23.8MPH
    Baja 20 Outlaw (265HP): 3.74MPG at 31.6MPH
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    Bolt this on to your boat:

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    I purchased my boat because it is fast, handles on rails, and can go where proped boats cannot.. IMO prop boats are boring in comparison!

    THis thing is a blast, it whips donuts and figure 8s all day long and even has a radio and a built in cooler..

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    the only way id own a jetboat is if someone gave it to me. jk

    my main complaint with jetboats is docking them. they just plain suck and have no handling at low speed.

    on the low draft thing...i dont see much of an advantage, because these new seadoo jetboats suck up rocks, sticks whatever if youre in shallow water and then youre stuck going idle speed because you need a new wear ring. and if you ride in an area with a lot of seaweed youre constantly cleaning the pump out.

    i will concede the little 150s are fun, they are like a big jetski, but id only own one if i had everyother toy in the world and had some extra cash to spend. as my only boat i wouldnt really like it.

    and fyi baja boats suck, i wouldnt compare anything to a baja ( they are attractive on the price though)

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    A jetboat will never obtain top speeds that a stern drive boat will. Never!

    Jet boats are only good to a certain length and weight, then the pumps just cannot push the mass.

    They are great for smaller boats though.

    They just will never achieve what something like this will:

    But that motor and drive combo is worth more than a Yamaha or seadoo jet boat alone.

    All depends on your boating needs.. and cash flow.

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    Thats the ONLY complaint I have about my jetboat is around docks....low speed manuevering kind of sucks(imo)...put these on and it helped

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