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    Cool Ultra LX / 250X Fuel System Issue, I need ideas

    A friend and I purchased the Ultra lx & the 250 x. The 1st. weekend at the lake we followed the brake-in guidlines and all was well. The second weekend all went well until just before we left. the ultra lx was running on the SLO key when the ski started to run like crap, along with an excessive amount of white smoke comming out of the exhuast with a strong smell of fuel. within a minute or two the BAT light came on. we shut it down and i pulled him back to shore. the following day i took the ski to the dealer to have it checked out. they said tha battery cable was loose and it ran fine for them and they released it back to me, two weeks later on our vacation we went to use the ski and it was doing the same thing with the smoke & fuel smell! we took it back that same day. they responded the next day that the ski had flooded and vapor locked the engine, they cleared the fuel out of the cylinders, and cleaned the plugs and did a lake test where we were and all was ok for a day then it started all over again. during the time the ultra was at the dealer the 250 X did the same thing while using the SLO key, I switched the keys to full power key and it sputtered for a second but under full throttle it blew the cylinders clear. i have not used the SLO key since that. so we figured the key was the issue. we took the skis back to the dealer and are waiting to hear from them. any ideas would sure help!!!!!!

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    Wrong forum

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    ya think. ooooops.

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