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    Shipping Companys, customer service getting poor

    I ordered 2 navigation lights for my new dock and they were scheduled for delivery today.
    Great, I thought because I had the day off and it was a beautiful day (if you call 25 degrees beautiful) but no wind and sunny so installing the lights would not be to bad
    I need the lights so snow mobiles won't hit the dock at night.
    I waited and waited and no package. I called the shipping company and got "its out for delivery". Cool, gave them my number again just incase they get lost (sometimes it hard to find my house).
    They call back at lunch time to ask if I live on the lake? I said yes, then she tells me, "well, he tried to deliver it but you were not home"
    I said I was home all day, no one came, then she says "he could not find your house". Well that contradicted her first statment.
    I said have him call me and I will give him directions. Too late she says, he is out of the area and won't be back until monday.
    Drat!! wasted a day!
    So this guy never asked directions, can't find me, says no one is home.
    Which is it?
    Oh well, will see if they are deivered monday.
    Gotta love shipping companys, they are all getting really sloppy at times.

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    may I ask what shipping company?

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    Mcalister, I think it's just Canadian, not sure, it is the culprit this time.
    I have noticed though, that all shipping companys are really getting sloppy at times. Customer service is slipping.

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    I use UPS for all my daily stuff, and I couldn't be happier. They are in the VERY high 90% (as in 97-100% monthly) for on-time ships for me. Even ground...

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    UPS, FED Ex, even USPS are great for US couriur service. But once you try to ship to Canada, UPS fall off the radar for customer service. (basically because they charge way more in "brokerage fee's" than any other shipper). Thier extra charges actually went up AFTER free trade went into place!!
    I once had a package late with UPS, called them and she actually said to me "Your in Canada arn't you, what do you expect!"
    I said I expect the package to be deliverd on the target date, it came 3 days later!
    UPS acts like Canada is some backwater country and way over charges them.
    Now if a company only ships UPS, I have it shipped to a friends house in Detroit, I bring it across the border (I declare it) and still pay way less (if anything) to get it home. Shame on UPS!
    Example of charges:
    I bought a $60 US TV remote:
    UPS charges me $59 in "Duty and Brokerage fee's"
    Total $119 for the Remote!!!!
    Fed ex only wanted $12 in Fee's and Duty!
    USPS only wanted $7 but would be a 2 days later
    Canada customes when i declared it wanted nothing (they rarely want duty now on anything under $200 at botder crossings).
    UPS seems to think that Canadians must pay what ever they want, cause what they charge is way out of line. They charge based on a percent of what its worth, not what it weighs comming to Canada!!!

    Ah well nuff ranting about UPS, just avoid them for Canada Shipments!
    (we all konw that anyway when dealing with Mark ar RR)

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