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    Throttle in Reverse

    Has anyone tried to adjust how much throttle can be applied while moving in reverse? What are your opinions on this. Thought it might be fun to try some of the sub moves I've been reading about at the jet boat forum.

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    Yes, I bought my 06 sportster scic used and it had no throttle in reverse. I adjusted it and still can't get it to sub.

    BTW, don't hesitate to use the search feature.

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    I believe Ronald is talking more about disabling the lock feature that only makes the throttle go up so far in reverse, rather than adjusting the amount of RPM difference between idle and when the lock feature is hit.

    I've only contemplated removing that lock, but haven't done it yet. I've been too busy working on other parts of the boat, but I'm sure I will remove that lock at some point. Maybe no other boat owners have done it, but how many have thought about it? Also, I'm curious as to what year that became a "feature", because I didn't think the first Challengers that came out had it. What year did some lawyer say "wait a minute, people are having too much fun with these boats"?

    David- To the best of my recollection, my max RPM when hitting the lock in reverse is about 3500rpms.
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    VX1 thanks for setting me straight.

    I've adjusted up my reverse throttle. I'm sure I get somewhere around 3500 RPM as I can shoot a good wall of water up behind the boat.

    But coasting at speed it still won't sub. I wonder how much force the reverese gate can take.

    Has anyone remove the reverse throttle restrictor?

    Has anyone really done a sub move with a 04-07 sportster/speedster 150 SCIC?

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