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    Can't Get Intake Manifold Back On

    My stock ic was difficult to remove. I gave it one last big heave ho and it finally came out. The problem is that I pulled so hard that in the process, I did what the instructions said not to. I pulled up on the intake manifold. Now, I can't get the intake manifold lined up so that I can reattach it with the 7 bolts I removed. What should I do? Also, I noticed that there is a wire that comes from the outside and attaches between the manifold and the engine. Does anybody know where that wire should be routed through so that it does not affect the reattachment of the intake manifold?

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    Never mind! I found out that the ecu harness was in the way. Also discovered the cavity underneath the area where the manifold attaches. I guess that is why the wire that I mentioned does not interfer with the reattachment.

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