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    How do i change the bendix and remove pistons

    Well I took the engine out and opened her up. Pistons were scratched and the rings were scorched on the piston with no movement after taking them out. So I need to replace the pistons and rings. The cylinder walls look great. My problem now is how I remove the pistons from the rods? I also figured out my starter problem. The starter is fine, but the bendix is shot. All the teeth are ripped off. How do I replace the bendix? If I unscrew the surrounding bolts, will oil leak out? Should I dump the oil out anyways and look for debris in the crank case? If so, should I put new oil back in from the top of the case or put it all back together and fill up the oil tank? Thanks again everyone.

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    Cretamk, these questions are better suited for the 2 stroke section where more people have knowledge of those motors. I mentioned it earlier that you will get a better responce by posting there. When someone reads this they wont even know what motor your talking about.

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