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    Polaris 1998 slhx 1050turns over but no spark?

    My 1998 slhx will not spark, has anyone got any ideas?

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    Make sure your battery has at least 10.6 volts while cranking!!!

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    Make sure your battery is good and FULLY charged. They won't spark if there isn't 12.6V it seems. If that's not the case, go to the tech section and look under "domestic electrical" for stator testing procedures.

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    It seems i may have knackered the stator, from reading the tech stuff, i've done everything wrong it is possible to do wrong. If this is the case does the Polaris PWC stator ignition update kit 2873091 sound like the parts i might need to repair the beast. Also is it possible to get to the flywheel without removing the engine?

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    Do one thing before performing the upgrade. Split the electrical box and see if you're getting power to the orange spade on the board while cranking. If so, it's probably the stator assembly if not, you may just need the regulator, let us know what you find.

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    1998 slxh 1050 problems!!!

    Have now managed to get it to spark, made sure battery was fully charged, changed plugs and resistor caps, was really sure i'd cured it but it still won't fire up! Only thing i've noticed is that as soon as the battery is connected up it reads HOT on the dash display, could this be causing it not to fire or has anyone got any further suggestions please?

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