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    '92 SL 650 rebuilding questions

    Hey guys!

    As some of you might have noticed i have been looking for some parts for my '92 sl 650 project. I now have a new welded and trued crank along with a nice cleans et of cases pulled from an sl 750. NO here's my question. At the bottom of the 650 cases the 2 big holes are punched through and 2 hoses are connected "for cooling or draining"??? And the 750 cases are not punched out. Now what should i do with this?? Can i run the 659 engine with the 750 cases and do away with the bottom hoses? or what do i need to do?

    Thanks guys!

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    The early cases had the hoses for drains. You can cap them off.

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    perfect thats what i needed to know.


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