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    Angry Taking the plunge!

    Since money may be getting a little tight here in the future, i may have to part with my newly acquired baby!

    since i bought this ski, i really dont know what its worth, and i know the bluebook is way off because of the hours..

    If the chance may come up, what will my ski go for, any help with this would be greatly appreciated so i dont get F*cked when i have to sell it.

    2004 SeaDoo RXP 20 hours, Bone Stock.

    Thanks guys,


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    between 7500-8000 i think

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    04 with 20 hours? thats nothing man, you can sell it for what he said ^

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    Thanks for the input guys,

    i just needed a good starting number.

    I appreciate all the help!

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    An 04 with 20 hrs for 7500-8g? Good luck, not from me. For a few bones more I can get an `08 with 0 hrs and a full warranty.

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    Hoss is right, that is a little high when the 08's will be out soon.

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    Keep in mind it is a 4 year old boat.....

    Plus some buyers may look at it and wonder what damage may have been done with only 5 hours of ride time every year for 4 years..... even though you may have rode it just right so no damage was incurred by letting it sit....

    I would have to say that a fair price is more in the range of 6-6.5 pending a thourough inspection of the hull and engine and the compression test comes back right... also if the washers weren't changed out the buyer may be smart enough to factor that into the cost of the vessel....

    Sorry to say... but watersports is not a way to get rich via investment.... Good Luck though!!!!


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    i'm kind of in the same situation, 05 RXT, stock except for metal washers. 23 hrs.

    it was a leftover when purchased, and then the PO got busted up in an accident and couldn't ride for a year, then i aquired it fall of 06 with 14 hrs on it.

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    Yeah, i just bought it recently, the guy before me had it then did the marriage thing and kids and had them up for sale for a while...

    now ive had it, enjoyed it a great deal, but might have to unfourtunately let it go : (

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