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    Seat recall on 98 SLXH

    So I have been reading some about this. Some say its a safety recall. I got the 2 piece seat with all kinds of broken plastic. Anyone have a link with more info on this?

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    Great question. Was it actually a recall? I know the hood issue was.

    That's a 9 year old ski, on a company that don't even sell watercraft anymore.

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    I owned a 98 slxh and only had a recall on the hood.

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    pm your s/n and I'll check

    later cd

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    I got ahold of Polaris and they say it needs the hood latch recall thing, but other than that there are no other recalls on that year/modle. As a matter of fact, they said Polaris has never had a seat recall in the past. Anyhow, thats what I learned. IMHO, there should be a recall on the seat. It has split apart and cuts my right leg up while riding.

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    It might not have been a recall but a TSB (technical service bulletin). I know my buddy had his seat replaced for free on his 98 SLXH after it broke. This was ages ago though.

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