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    Crankshaft on an '01 XLT 1200

    Hey Carl,

    My '01 XLT1200 is in need of an engine rebuild..water ingested.

    I was told that you were the guy to talk to for crankshaft assemblies..

    At the moment, I'm only interested in stock performance, but I want a little meat down there if (when!) I start bolting up mods..

    Roundabout how much do those run?

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    go with a HOT RODS crank

    "Hot Rods Crankshafts are sold complete with the original proven Hot Rods Connecting Rods, top end bearings, and crankshaft webs.
    Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications, Hot Rods Cranks will meet or surpass the OEM in performance and durability.
    Crankshafts are completely rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods.
    ALL BRAND NEW! Not Rebuilt"

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