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    Riva Sponsons and Ride plate

    Well I have been doing some research. Some recommendations are to put the sponsons half way down, others say all the way down in the back and all the way up in the front? Any opinions for speed?

    Opinions say to put washers in the front of the rideplate to bring it close to flush with the bottom of the hull, what about the rear?

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    My sponsons are all the way down on both skis.
    I think stepped would be faster though.

    Your 99 with tabs you want the rear of the plate all the way up no shims.
    If you porpouse a lot you will have to add shims in the rear till it gets tight to the water.
    Because you have tabs you can run more angle and get more top end.

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    I'm going to put in a few washers on the front and see what happens, I also adjusted the nozzle a bit as it seemed to be forcing the front down a bit when in neutral

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    basically shim the front of the plate down so that it is slightly higher than the grate. Leave the back all the way up. if it porposies, ad shims to the rear until it stops.

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    Before I sold them and installed Beach House sponsons, I always ran my Riva sponsons staggered and my plate with washers under the front mounting tabs and flush on the rear.

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