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    I think my xl1200 is vapor locking

    I think my 1999 XL 1200 is vapor locking. The machine is stock except the catalytic converter has been removed a a D plate installed. I had this problem when the machine was under warranty and to my recollection the dealer said they installed a heat sink between carbs and block. That seemed to take care of the problem. Recently, the throttle was sticking so I took it to another dealer to rebuild the carbs (shafts were corroded), and my problem returned. After the machine is ridden for a while and sits for a little while it is hard to start. I need to choke the engine to get it to start, then when i push in the choke it takes off with little throttle control for 50 yards. If I feather the choke I can maintain some throttle control for 10-15 second then it runs normal. This is dangerousfor some of the people I allow to ride the machine. Does anyone have any advice on what my problem might be and how to correct it?

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    re vapor lock

    using a small flashlight you should be able to see the insulator plate. look between the engine block and exhaust pipe. It will be black and approximatly 1/4 thick. Sounds like you've nailed your problem to me. I would certainly start there.

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    Sounds like an air leak to me, possibly amplified by a hot motor. A good inspection around the carbs might provide some light.

    Where are you located?

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    We are located in Naples, Florida, and the machine is in Lake Placid, Florida. I appreciate the advice. I guess I need to remove the exhaust to get a good look at the carbs.

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